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Fight goo monsters and try to survive! Dodge enemies and avoid goo at all costs, or the game will get the best of you. Get as much score as you can before you kick the bucket; if you're good enough you can survive for-everlong.

Be this spaceman's hero, if he lives he'll remember you for all his life. It's a long road to ruin for the spaceman, so feel free to leave a comment letting us know what your end score was!


Move the space man with w, a, s, d, and shoot with the left mouse. Destroy as many goos as you can while accumulating as much score as possible. Weapon crates will drop from the goos from time to time for you to outfit your spaceman with new weapons. Avoid standing over goo for too long, or else your spaceman will perish!

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GooFighters.exe 3 MB

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